” With that statement, it summed up Rodriguez as a man

The modest Detroit folk musician was poised to be the next Bob Dylan in the early ’70s but thanks to poor album sales and terrible management, his musical career fell by the wayside. However, in another part of the world, Apartheid era South Africa, he was a God, he was bigger than Dylan, bigger than Johnny Cash, and bigger than Elvis, yet, no one there had any information on him. It wouldn’t be until the late ’90s, thanks to the internet boom when two South African fans discovered who he was and that he still played, but were surprised to learn he was unknown in America. Rodriguez’s story is as touching as it is heartbreaking, and it is unbelievable and thanks to technology and eager South African’s who documented their tracking of searching for Rodriguez in Searching For Sugar Man, his career, in the twilight of his life is bigger than ever. “So, I want to share with you all that I received the French Legion of Honor Award,” Rodriguez told the packed Radio City, to thunderous applause, he then joked, “I want you all to know that I want to be a normal Legion.” With that statement, it summed up Rodriguez as a man perfectly. He is a humble, modest, talented person who doesn’t take anything for granted. In a world filled with celebrity driven ego, it is refreshing to hear sentiments like that. It is a tip many of today’s “stars” should take note on.

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